Aznal (EH Bildu) busca una expansión significativa de la ley de Participación Democrática.

Aznal (EH Bildu) busca una expansión significativa de la ley de Participación Democrática.

EH Bildu's candidate for the presidency of Navarra, Laura Aznal, has called on Tuesday for "ambitious development" of the Democratic Participation law.

She indicated at an event in Caballo Blanco in Pamplona that "transparency, political, social and community participation, combating corruption, and the democratization of Navarra's institutions and public administrations are a top priority for EH Bildu."

Aznal stated, "A society will be more democratic to the extent that it enables and promotes greater and higher-quality participation by citizens."

She has proposed two top priorities for this. Firstly, the application of the Democratic Participation law, which "in the previous legislature, we passed this law in which EH Bildu introduced many improvements." It is "an ambitious law that, within the limitations established by the current legal framework, has a profound impact and advances towards a more democratic culture that is characteristic of the 21st century," she said.

In her opinion, "the Navarra Government has not had the ambition to develop all the innovative tools it contains, such as participation by lottery, the obligation of the Navarra Government to make participatory budgets, or the possibility of conducting citizen consultations at the regional level."

Thus, Aznal indicates that "it is necessary to give a decisive impulse to its development so that citizens are also protagonists and decision-makers in relevant public policies."

Secondly, the EH Bildu candidate has called for the development of the Good Practices and Anti-Corruption Office. "It was an EH Bildu initiative, and the office has already been created. Now is the time to develop it with all the necessary resources," she explained.

Aznal added, "Our objective is for it to be accessible to all citizens." "It must be a benchmark in the area of preventing, detecting, investigating, and eradicating corruption and fraudulent practices in Navarra's public administrations," she added.